Art Narak (Youtube User: Art Choco Love Elevators) or also known as Tititham Sukhaya, is an elevator filmer from Chonburi, Thailand.


At first, Tititham likes elevators so much and enjoyed commenting on NingSama1vs100 and MelvinMan10's videos. Then he films his first videos at Park Ventures Ecoplex, Bangkok. which is high zone Schindler PORT elevators there.

In April 1, 2016, He opened his new elevator channel named อาร์ตน่ารัก น่ารักที่สุด and abandoned his old channel (Bangkok and Chonburi Hi-Rise elevators). Later, he changed his channel name again to CBD Tourist Elevators and closed his old channel.

Nowadays, He mainly film only high-rise elevators around Bangkok and Pattaya.

On December 2016, He got his first international trip to China. However, he has filmed only one elevator. His elevator video was a Bailong Elevator at Zhangjiajie National Park.[1]


  • He is the only elevator filmer in Thailand who classified as both of Bangkok and Chonburi elevator filmer.
  • He is also a television show fan, mainly Game Show and Sport Live.
  • Like TG97Elevators and NingSama1vs100, he likes destination dispatch elevators very much.
    • However, he is considered by NingSama1vs100 to be obsessed with Hybrid configuration-type destination dispatch and old elevators (which he thinks they have to be) modernized with destination dispatched elevators.
  • He is the only elevator filmer in Thailand who put annotations for elevator voiceover.
  • He is the third elevator filmer in Thailand who film elevators at Pattaya, Chonburi after MelvinMan10 (He filmed only three elevators) and NingSama1vs100.
    • He is only elevator filmer in Thailand who films high-rise elevators in Pattaya regularly.
  • Unlike other elevator filmers in Thailand, He never films any low rise elevators which served floor lower than 16 because he thinks it might lower his channel quality.
  • His video titling in his new channel is based on Ems318 and NationalElevator's video titling, which are unique for Thai elevator filmers.

Notes and References

  1. Fujitec Double-Deck Glass Elevators - Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (Up)

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