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balarick, or his real name Sam Sitar, is an elevator filmer from Hadley, Massachusetts, USA


Sam launched his YouTube channel "balarick" on January 13, 2007; his first elevator video is an Otis Series 2 elevator at Thornes Market in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Filming Devices

  • JVC Evario (2010-2012)
  • Sony Handycam HDR-CX190 (2012-present)


  • In addition to elevators, he also films building construction projects, vlogs about ongoing issues, transit videos, and bike trails
  • He also filmed elevators with georgef511, cober6711, jtelev, and CubsRule2040.
  • He is one of several filmers in the community who gets the least views, not just on elevators but any genre.
  • He titles his elevator videos as "<building name> <city> elevator", and this is likely to be a reason for why he gets so few views.

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