FANDOM is a website managed by the UK elevator filmer benobve (also known as Beno) which contains informations about UK Lift Guide, buses, trains, grotty places (abandoned places) and much more about anything in the United Kingdom. It is a well-known place for elevator enthusiasms for the Lift Guide, which contains general information about elevator-related stuffs in the UK.

UK Lift Guide

Perhaps the most notable page in the website, the UK Lift Guide is a guide which covers general information and history about some elevator brands (worldwide and UK), as well as informations about unknown lifts, modernization guide and generic lifts. Each pages contains pictures and some YouTube embedded videos (most of them are featured from benobve's channel but fewer of them are from other channels).

It also has a A-Z photo gallery, but the photo uploading activity has since been discontinued by Beno and the site has defunct. An archived version of this section of the website can be viewed, but it is incomplete (most if not all photos are missing).

Beno Building Creator

The website is also home to the Beno Building Creator (BBC), an online elevator simulator which you can create custom buildings like Skyscraper Simulator.

Other contents

Other contents in the website are:

  • Bus photos
  • Train photos
  • Computer stuffs
  • Grotty (abandoned/derelict) places
  • Traffic lights
  • Items collected by Beno
  • Sub-stations (electrical transformer stuffs)
  • Wildlife photos
  • Beno's Skyscrapersim stuffs (including Beno Building Creator)

External links

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