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Beno Lifts (also known as Beno, formerly benobve), commonly known as BENO or simply Ben, is a lift filmer as well as unauthorised lift surfer from Medway, Gillingham, United Kingdom.

He is the original founder of "lift tour" videos (usually labelled as "custom text[1] | IT'S LIFT TOUR TIME!")[2]. He is also the creator of Beno Building Creator which is an online building creator that creates building files to Skyscraper Simulator (a 3D building simulator).


Ben has been interested in lifts since he was three[3]. On February 23, 2009, he started his YouTube channel "benobve"[4] and started uploading lift videos after watching videos from mrmattandmrchay, Harrihealey02, Lee Thomas, and JackOtis (now closed). He also uploads trains, lifts, and bus videos, and the reason why he uploaded all of these videos is because he enjoyed doing it. He wanted to document lifts that there was absolutely nothing about on the internet, as well as seeing if the interests in lifts in the UK would grow from just a few people into lots of people. Most of all he wanted to film the least known lifts (as well as the ordinary ones which are fun to ride) and he enjoyed doing so.

In November 2015, Ben decided to drop the "bve" from his channel name, shortening it to just "Beno" (the "B" was also capitalized).

In February 2018, Ben changed the channel name to "Beno Lifts".

For the last couple of years, Beno has taken up lift surfing instead of ordinary lift photography.

Lift Surfing & Keys

In recent years, Beno has taken up "lift surfing", using his keys to ride on top of elevators in random buildings, entirely without authorization. The more secure the building is the more reason to go on top of lifts. As well as this, he also likes to use his collection of keys to put lifts into special service modes, use fire mode and access lifts that need a key to access. Beno does this in his "Detailed look at _________" videos, his "Lift adventure" and "Random lift adventure" videos.

Random Lift Tours

Sometime in 2012, Beno launched a new style of his lift tour named "Random Lift Tour". It is a lift tour mixed with random stuff that is usually not related to lifts. It is also often includes short comedic scenes, fake advertising, and even burping and farting noises.

In the United Kingdom

  • Tower Bridge
  • King's College Hospital
  • Manchester
  • Christmas Special in Luton and Dunstable (a.k.a. BENO Christmas Special) (2013)
  • University of Kent
  • Christmas Special in London (a.k.a. BENO Christmas Special II) (2014)

Across Europe with Low Cost Airlines

  • Cycling and camping adventure in France, Belgium and Netherlands (2015)
  • Cologne, Germany (2016)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (2016)

Epic Lift Tours

This is the name that Beno gives to his ultra long and awesome lift tours. These lift tours often focus on other things (but not random things) such as buses, trains and other interesting things that relate to the place that Beno is visiting (in other words these videos are not made to be comedic like the Random Lift Tours are). So far 4 of these videos have been made:

  • Olympic Park
  • Olympic Legacy
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Gatwick Airport

Adventures with Low Cost Transportation

Low Cost Airlines


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark


  1. Belfast, Northern Ireland (lift tour)
  2. Timisoara, Romania
  3. Cologne, Germany (with DewhurstIsSoAmazing)
  4. Sofia, Bulgaria


  1. Hamburg, Germany
  2. Giessen, Germany
  3. Bremen, Germany
  4. Berlin, Germany
  5. Toulouse, France
  6. Glasgow, Scotland
  7. Edinburgh, Scotland
  8. Lanzarote island, Spain
  9. Barcelona, Spain
  10. Costa Brava, Spain
  11. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  12. Dublin, Ireland
  13. Poznan, Poland
  14. Basel, Switzerland
  15. Benidorm, Spain


  1. Rome, Italy
  2. Budapest, Hungary
  3. Nuremberg, Germany
  4. Malta
  5. Mallorca (Majorca) island, Spain
  6. Kaunas, Lithuania
  7. Geneva, Switzerland

Low Cost Coaches


  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Parodies in the channel

Stuffed Animal Characters

Beno uses a selection of stuffed toy animals, which represent owners of Generic lift companies that he has invented. The most popular of these is Evil Owl, who made his debut in the random lift tour series, and has been a fixture of Beno's channel since. Evil Owl is the owner of "The Evans Lift Alliance" (parody of the real generic company "Express Lift alliance"), and has a passion for replacing old lifts with his bad quality generics. The second most popular character is High-Rise Hamster, who owns the rival company "High Rise Lift Services".

Advent Calender (2015)

Beno decided to do a 25-episode advent calendar in 2015, later re-titled as the title start with "Eastfields" (parody of Westfields), in which he visits several Westfields shopping centres, as well as various other malls and town centres (Westfields is the main focus though). This series also includes riding on buses and trains, as well as cameos by Evil Owl and High-Rise Hamster.

"Improve" the lift safety story

Beno uses a story from the "Lift and Escalator Industry Association" (LEIA) in the United Kingdom called "Liam Loves Lifts!" to create his own version and make the parody of the story, which include a "lift surfing" scene in the story[5][6]. This also claimed that the original story was not very interesting.

In November, 2016, LEIA sent copyright claims to pull the parody down from YouTube. Beno won the claim and the video was restored in December, 2016[7], as he claimed that fulfill the fair use term of the copyright.

"Moo Cow Diarrhoea Tasting Club" magazine

This is the response to the Elevation magazine which was produced for the generic lift companies in the United Kingdom[8]. This also claimed that the original magazine was not very interesting.

"JU Mode Adventure" Advent Calender (2017)

Beno decided to do a 25-episode advent calendar again in 2017, advertised as the "JU Mode Adventure"[9] (one of the mode when the users broke the lift safety circuit), in which he visits several cities in Germany and London in the United Kingdom, This is the first series with the lift surfing scenes.



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