• Chookhaysenn

    Everything need to say 'Yes'. Yes to film elevator with Yes smartphone?

    Yes, I really did film elevators with the Yes 4G smartphone.

    Photo- see the real photo of how the smartphone looks like.

    Video- See the video samples.

    I get those phones since 10 April 2017 when my dad gets that phone from free from Kemertrian Pelajaran Malaysia (aka the goverment). Thanks to the goverment for a nice 4G smartphone.

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Editing page

    April 4, 2017 by Chookhaysenn

    Yesterday, I recieve 'you are ban from editing' due to I edit too many times on my page, including 1 time edit MrElevatorKing. During that time, I am trying add a little bit more info on Wen Kern Boys Elevator Channel but can't. During the ban, I think like 'is the admin ban me from editing?' or 'is the admin set a maximum limit to edit per user?'

    Now, they lift the ban and I can edit something.

    I need to reduce the editing to prevent agrassive spam on this Wikia (except my own Wikia, Star Asia Elevator Wikia).

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  • Chookhaysenn

    New channel logo!

    March 8, 2017 by Chookhaysenn

    Few days ago (around 5/3/2017 or before today date from this blog post on 9/3/2017), I have a few Muslim keeps complaining my YouTube channel logo which looks like an Israel 'Star' logo. But there is a difference between the Israel flag and my channel logo.

    On top, this is what Israel's country flag looks like while on the right is my current channel logo.

    Some Muslim say to me that I need to change to newer logo and change the 'Star' logo to regular 'star' logo. And some say to me that my channel is anti-Muslim elevator channel. Not sure why they doesn't like my new channel logo since they saw me I'm scrolling my own Wikia page (Star Asia Elevator Wikia). Older channel logo seems OK to them while newer channel logo which NingSama did for me…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    More and more elevator filmer are available today. How about you?

    Well, are you the beginner to film an elevator? Let's get started!

    OK! Most of elevator filmer (mostly professional) film elevators in HD, Full HD and even Ultra HD.

    Handycam and camcorder is a bit huge than any other video camera available nowadays. But not very much can afford to own it.

    It's lighter and smaller than camcorder. Mostly use by many elevator filmer out there. Mostly sell as low as RM299 ($75USD) till as high as RM4000 ($1000USD)++. Nowadays, some camera and Digital Camera are powered by android

    The most cheapest option: mobile phone camera. Some people say the quality a bit sucks than any camera and camcorder out there. Mostly use by Asian elevator filmer.

    Most lat…

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  • Chookhaysenn

    I am adding Wen Kern's page and want to help him for few things. I know few info about his channel. If you guys know more about him or you are his friend or maybe relative of him, help me to add few more info.

    TQ and hope you understand what I am adding him a page for this community ('List Of Elevator Filmer In The World' >Wen Kern Boys Elevator Channel ).

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  • Samrobinson16

    Herman Bartlett

    July 14, 2016 by Samrobinson16

    Blog post was converted into a page

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  • Chookhaysenn

    Elevator in Kelantan doesn't have very much that Star Asia Elevator can find in his hometown. Here we go by district

    Most elevators can be found in Kota Bharu.

    Located behind Tesco Kota Bharu. It has 8 elevators. With its beautiful Aeon Mall's exclusive elevator indicator. Otis elevator.

    Located in Jalan Hamzah. More than 10 years mall have 5 stories building (originally 3 story). Now with Otis Gen2 elevator which makes more modern mall in town.

    Located along route 3/Ludang. Owned LG Elevator. But quite death trap a bit.

    The most unpopular shopping centre in Kelantan. Sigma elevator. Also have futsal.

    The mall is abanoned. While the shop lots outside the mall (same building) are open till 12am. Contains 18 elevators. But sadly only 4 elevators no…

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  • IDLift3000

    Recently I've seen Beno and few people adding random pages in this wiki and the worst part here is, editing several pages with jokes and incorrect info.

    Please people please, STOP doing all of these stuffs because this wiki is only for actual info and NOT for making fun of other people. We don't want any people from the community sees their page vandalized with jokes and useless info and started complaining. Few people have complained to me and one of my friends even disappointed because of this. If you still want to do this then GO to Beno's wiki. That's the better place where you can make random edits and stuffs. If you keep doing this in this wiki then all of the craps will be deleted and reverted and you'll be blocked because they are consid…

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  • ZudoMC


    April 3, 2016 by ZudoMC


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  • Lloyd999ify

    I am enjoying to read the wiki anydays! It's fun! 

    Please register to wikia and start editing your own page!

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  • NingSama

    Someone has messed up Elevator Filmers page so I have to cleaned up but I found that Canadian Elevator Filmers page has three people, so I have to create a new page...

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  • Lloyd999ify

    I am creating new ones, like Elevator filmers from Spain" but I am adding in some other pages Elevator filmers because I saw that everyone diddn't put that! Just trying to be more helpful

    Have a nice day


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  • Lloyd999ify

    Hello everyone!

    This wiki is going popular everyday, thank you for sharing all you have to share, sometimes theres vandalism but ignore theres faggots, they are only just raging kids who wants have attention. Thank you for supporting us


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  • Theelevatorplanet

    Hello everyone, Hope this Christmas was a good one for you!. Heard about this Elevator Wiki and saw that a lot of users were participating. So I decided to well participate myself!. Looking forward to working with this site and hopefully talking/working even more with some of you. Have a good night everyone!, -TEP

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