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Chris Cronin
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Also known as

Elevators on the East Coast, ChrisiPodHelp101

Filming elevators

2011 to present

Part of the Elevator Community

2011 to present

Based in

New Jersey, United States

Chris Cronin (currently known as Elevators on the East Coast) and by his username ChrisiPodHelp101 is an elevator photographer from New Jersey. Chris is best known for being the brother of the famous technology/iOS-releated YouTuber Mike Cronin (MikesiOSHelp.)


Chris Cronin created his channel on 28 July 2011, with the original intent of uploading technology-related videos, mimicing his brother Mike Cronin of MikesiOSHelp (formally known as MikesiPodHelp101.) However, after a single upload, it was decided that he did not want to move forward with tech videos. After this, Chris decided to use the YouTube upload feature built into the Outfit7 "Talking Friends" iOS applications, where Chris would record several hundred random Talking Friend videos and upload them all for a non-existant audience (at the time) to view. After a few months, Chris once again decided to scrap the new YouTube idea. Only a few weeks later, it was decided by his brother Mike to begin filming elevator videos after seeing the great joy and interest that Chris got out of other elevator enthusiast's videos. This was his final and permanent YouTube decision. Interestingly enough, all of the tech videos, Outfit7 Talking Friends videos, and elevator videos have all beeen uploaded to the same channel, however, only the elevator videos are available to the public, as the tech and Talking Friends videos have since been deleted. 

In November 2013, and after numerous name changes on the ChrisiPodHelp101 YouTube channel, it was decided that Chris would become known as "Elevators on the East Coast," as a new way to "brand and promote" the popularity of elevator filming witin the Eastern-part of the United States and to come up with a more "catchy" channel title, as opposed to "Chris's Elevators" or "Elevator Chris" which were used until November 2013, in place of displaying the ChrisiPodHelp101 username, to avoid viewer confusion based on naming and content.

Chris currently lives in New Jersey, where the majority of his elevator videos are filmed, especially within the Northern part of the state. He has also filmed elevators in New York, Pennsylvania, and very few during a trip he took in September 2013 to Salt Lake City, UT. His exact location is unknown.

Career on YouTube

Currently, ChrisiPodHelp101 only has over 100 subscribers, but has recieved nearly 50,000 video views total on all 450+ videos (as of Jan 2014.) It's unknown whether he is making money off of his videos with AdSense, is with a YouTube network, or is even a YouTube partner. It's believed that Chris films the elevators only as a hobby and for fun.

Filming equipment

Chris does not use any particular video camera or camcorder, but instead uses hand-me-down iPhones that his brother Mike gives him whenever Mike (since he's an iOS/tech YouTuber) buys the latest iPhone from Apple. Since the begining of ChrisiPodHelp101, 3 different iPhones have been used (as of Jan 2014):

  • iPhone 3GS (360p)
  • iPhone 4s (720p)
  • iPhone 5c (720p/1080p)

Trivia/Fun facts

  • Mike Cronin (brother) makes frequent appearances in almost every one of Chris's elevator videos. He can sometimes be seen in reflections or helping Chris get certain shots of the elevator that Chris cannot. A few of the first elevator uploads to Chris's channel were filmed and titled by Mike himself.
  • Chris Cronin's Dad has been known to make some cameos in his videos, by annoucing the floor levels or elevator capacity in a humorous way. When on business trips, his Dad used to film the elevators that he'd see for Chris, however, there has been a signifigant amount of time since this last happened.
  • Chris Cronin's Mom is also known to make occasional appearances in his videos, and just like Mike, can be seen in reflections, heard making small talk with Chris or having a simple conversation on her cell phone in the background.
  • Chris is yet to recieve a drivers permit or license, therefore, his parents take him to numerous places to ride the elevators that he films and uploads.

External links

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