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2010 to present

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Hong Kong, China

TTElev, also nicknamed as Test Tower, is an elevator photographer/filmer based in Hong Kong, China.


TTElev opened his YouTube channel on August 19, 2013. His first elevator video uploaded on his channel was an Otis elevator recorded in Quarry Bay Municipal Service Building, Hong Kong[1].


  • He is the first Hong Kong elevator filmer to film a Schindler 5500 elevator, in Luk Yeung Galleria, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, which are the replacement from an old Falconi (then Otis refurbished) elevators[2].
  • He also owns another YouTube channel TTSkyscraper for animated elevators and Skyscraper Simulator stuff videos (see link below).
  • He normally upload elevator videos on the 1st date each month.
  • He has an account on The Skyscraper Simulator Forum called Test Tower. In addition, he is one of the forum's several Global Moderators and fixtures "supplier" as he done some of the European and Asian fixtures set[3].
  • He is the first animated elevators creator which using rage faces in his creation[4].
  • When he creates some animated elevator video, he build up some parodies in his creations:
    • "The Cere-us"[5] - "MelvinMan10 The Series" (in real MelvinMan10 Productions channel).
    • "Sword Arc Offline"[6] - Japanese light novel series: Sword Art Online in real life.
    • "BusVision"[6] - Hong Kong's in bus Multimedia system: buzplay in real life.
    • "Busernet"[6] - Hong Kong's in bus WiFi service: Webus in real life.
    • "Leon"[7] - Japanese department store chain: AEON in real life.
  • He is a existing "Kantai Collection" (shortened as KanColle[8]) player[9].

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