The ElevaTOURS International Elevator Museum is a collection of elevator parts and other elevator related items owned by dieselducy, who preserves and displays a collection of various elevator related items, from elevator button panel to other small items. Most of these elevator items were donated by some elevator filmers and even elevator companies. He welcomes visitors to his collection but visits must be scheduled. He also welcomes donations of elevator related items as well.

Since in the late December of 2014, he changed his collection's name from the ElevaTours Elevator Museum to the ElevatTours International Elevator Museum after a Schlieren and a Schindler R-Series call station was donated by Instagram user "illegal_popcorn" from Schindler Elevator Ltd. in Switzerland.


  • Elevator panels (hall station, car station, hall lanterns, car position indicators), mostly historic ones
  • Antique elevator governor[1]
  • Padlocks/Keys
  • Portable video games (specifically the Game Boy)
  • Preheat fluorescent lighting equipment
  • Clocks (Especially ones in the 24-hour time format)


Exploring the ElevaTOURS International Elevator Museum17:38

Exploring the ElevaTOURS International Elevator Museum

ElevaTOURS International Elevator Museum Tour May 2015 with special thanks09:26

ElevaTOURS International Elevator Museum Tour May 2015 with special thanks

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