ElevatorMan5482 (Born Jan 16) is an elevator filmer based in Ellicott City, MD, United States. He has filmed more elevators than any other elevator enthusiast in the state of Maryland.


His interest in elevators started when he was 3 years old when his grandparents would take him to The Mall in Columbia while his parents were at work and they would ride the Schindler MT elevator there just outside of Lord & Taylor. Ever since then, he has been fascinated by the world of elevators.

He was inspired to start filming elevators when he came across Gluse's elevator videos in 2008 and found out that there was a whole community of elevator enthusiasts on YouTube.

In 2009, he filmed his very first elevators with his M547 given to him as a birthday present, the Schindler MT elevator at Lord & Taylor and the Montgomery Kone elevator at Nordstrom, both at The Mall in Columbia. However, he never uploaded them to YouTube due to the fact that his parents were hesitant to allow him to have an account. As a result, he lost interest in elevator filming for several years.

He didn't have a YouTube channel until 2011, when he finally was allowed by his parents. He initially launched it under the name "exoticcar5482," but due to the fact that he didn't have much interest in elevators then, he only uploaded a few random videos and mostly just commented, liked, rated, etc.

In 2013, however, his interest in elevators revived when he met fellow enthusiast pickles horvath and they decided to have a meet-up to film the elevators at The Mall in Columbia. Soon after, he renamed his channel "ElevatorMan5482" now that he began to take elevator photography more seriously. He is now one of Maryland's most well-known elevator filmers.

Camera History

  • HP Photosmart M547 (January 2009 - February 2011)
  • iPod Touch 4G (February 2011 - June 2013)
  • iPhone 4/4S/5S (June 2013 - Present)


  • He is one of the only elevator photographers living in the state of Maryland, one of the others being JoshCraver9000.
  • He often films with YouTube user pickles horvath.
  • His channel is nicknamed ElevExperiencing Productions/ElevExpereiences by ElevatorMan5482 as of May 2014
  • He mainly films around Central and Southern Maryland.
  • The first elevator video that he ever saw on YouTube that eventually led to him exploring the elevator community and developing an interest in it was the Montgomery Hydraulic Elevator At DFW Airport At Terminal A, filmed by gluse in 2008.

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