Born Brennan Wood in San Diego (January 13th 1997) 19, is a southern Californian elevator filmier with 400+ subscribers, 1,100+ videos and over 150,000 views on youtube

He has started a Skype series and has Skyped with 14 elevator filmers. Floridan Elevators has also taken the role however ElevatorNut13 has made it possible.

He also has a mini van milestone miles series every thousand miles he hits he records. Kind of reminiscent To Dieselducy and his scooter.

He's filmed in:

Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, California, Nevada, Illinioi, & Hawaii.

He's Filmed With:

Star City Elevators


(and plans to meet up with Traction151)

Favorite Fixtures

Schindler HT VR

Dover Impulse

ThyssenKrupp Signa4

Montgomery Twinkie-M

Otis Series 7

Bucket List:

Schindler 3300

ThyssenKrupp Destination Dispatch

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