ElevatorsInScotland is an elevator photographer from Scotland. His channel is quite new, so he hasn't filmed many lifts. His first video is about the lift in Matalan at Straiton retail park in Edinburgh. He first became interested in lifts in 2014 but was scared of them for two years because he got stuck in one.


He created his channel in June 2015, and uploaded a video of the lift at Debenhams in Edinburgh but he deleted the video soon after because it got too crowded. He started filming elevators again in October 2015 when he filmed lifts in Matalan, BHS and John Lewis.


  • His favourite elevators are Kone EcoDiscs, Otis Gen2s and Schindler MRLs.
  • His least favourite elevators are Oronas and generics.
  • He has a second channel called "Scottish Elevators"
  • He rarely talks in his videos due to privacy reasons.

Camera history

  • iPhone 4 (June-December 2015)
  • iPhone 6 (2016-present)

External links

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