Elevators in Poznan (formerly 97office)

Lives in:

Koziegłowy, Poland.

Favorite brand of elevators:

ZREMB, KONE and Schindler




SJCAM SJ4000, Kodak Zm1, Overmax Activecam 02 and Overmax Vertis 4010

Period recordings:

2010 - 2012 (97office)

Period recordings:

2015 - Now (Elevators in Poznan)

Elevators in Poznan (formerly 97office) is a Polish elevator photographer from Poznan, Poland.


97Office started filming elevators in 2010 and opened his YouTube account before 2010. Currently he records elevators on channel "Elevators in Poznan". On his old channel there are now only video game series.


  • His name is Piotr (Peter)
  • He lives in Koziegłowy near Poznań, on his estate are only KONE elevators.
  • He's other hobbies are gaming, diving and he's railfan.

External Links

YouTube Channel

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