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escalatorgeek881 is an elevator filmer from South Carolina, United States.


escalatorgeek881 opened his YouTube channel on July 14, 2008..


  • Around 2008, he used to dislike some death-trap elevators in Myrtle Beach, such as in Ocean Dunes Tower I and II, and in The Palace Hotel.
  • He mainly film elevators in Columbia, but sometimes he also film elevators in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • He nicknamed Columbia as "an elevator playground in South Carolina".
  • He also has filmed elevators in Atlanta, Greenville, New York City, Philadelphia, and Myrtle Beach.
  • The other elevator enthusiast he mainly films with is elevatorgeek88, but in 2010 he filmed with TJElevatorfan
  • Other than being an elevator enthusiast, he is also a Skyscraper Simulator building and textures creator.[1]

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