EthanS Elevators(formerly tjs468) is a elevator photographer from Orlando, FL.


He started his youtube channel December 16, 2007 and stumbled upon dieselducy's videos in 2010 and the rest was history. He put down elevator photography for a while, and got into fire alarms. Ethan spends lots of time in Rochester, NY, a famous elevator photography landmark. This lead him to meet youtube user Jimster586. Ethan is also known as tjs468. In early 2014, he started to take his hobby seriously, so he purchased a Sony DSC-TX10 on eBay. He has a signature, which is a matchbox #24 shunter painted white and blue.


  • Ethan has met up with Jimster586 and O Town Elevators.
  • Ethan is also an aviation enthusiast.

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