georgef551 is an elevator filmer from Leominster, Massachusetts, United States.


George Fiffy created his youtube channel "georgef551" in late March 2009. He filmed his first elevator video in June of that year.

He started shooting videos in standard definition but then started shooting in 720p HD in mid-2009. In early 2010 he started shooting videos with a Flip camcorder, and in 2011 he started using his Sony DSC-TX10.

In 2012, he got a Sony HDR-TD20V 3D camcorder. He only used it for a few videos; shortly after the warranty expired, he dropped the camcorder. Because of the damage from the drop and the bulkiness of the camera, he only uses it rarely for train/railfanning videos.

In 2013, he has started posting Minecraft videos more often than elevator videos. On June 1, 2013, he opened a private minecraft server that he helped build. Videos of him building various structures in the server can be found on his YouTube channel. 

Also in 2013, he got a Sony DSC-TX30.


  • He pioneered YouTube trends such as the man-powered elevator and calling the CEElectronics floor indicator "ACME".  George was often corrected by other elevator enthusiasts when using "ACME" until TheElevatorChannel used the term in one of his videos.
  • He was a co-pioneer of the elevator derby along with CubsRule2040 in January 2010.
  • He also pioneered "Rockin' the Gauntlet" as a result of the 15 minute time limit being lifted from his account in December 2010. In those videos, he attempts to record all the elevators and escalators in a particular building or complex with no time limit.
  • He has filmed with balarick, but no other people.
  • He says epic fail as "E-P-I-C Fail" to The Price is Right losing horns.

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