Ih8escalators, also known as James Fileccia or Filechia for short, is a New York based elevator filmer. He is known for his use of foul language and a fondness for shopping malls overall. He is also known for dong mall tours.

Elevator Filming, Shopping Malls and Department Stores

Ih8escalators is a huge fan of department stores such as Macy's and many of his videos center around elevators within them. He has particular interest in Walt Whitman Shops and has also done store tours and other videos with fellow New York based Elevator filmer SchindlerHaughton. He has also done a tour of a apartment building and other offices.

Other Information

Fileccia is also avid in filming reverse vending machines and coin counting machines. He has also done two videos of the LIRR and a few videos of fire alarms. As seen in a few YouTube videos, this motormouth has a gift of yodling! 

Currently, his most popular upload on his channel is a review of Cummins JetSort 6000 Coin Sorter in Huntington, NY, with over 140,450 views. His most popular elevator video as of 2016 is a dangerous Schindler 300A Elevator (which has since been repaired and fixed) at the JcPenney Parking Deck at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY, which is also his second most popular video with nearly 120,000 views. 

James began to go on a hiatus on March 18, 2016, the date his latest video was uploaded onto YouTube. After being absent for at least sixth months, he returned on September 5, 2016.

Schindler 321A Discovery

On March 28, 2014, Ih8escalators went to the Macy's Furniture Gallery in Carle Place, NY. Over there, he found a rare Schindler HT Elevator with chimes that were never heard prior to this event and a rarely-seen capacity plate. After doing an observation, Fileccia believed that this is the only true Schindler 321A left. After this event, CVE9120 went to film the elevator on August 6, 2014. LongIslandElevators and the now defunct ElevatingWestchester filmed this elevator on March 7, 2015, one year after this elevator was discovered. Three (four before ElevatingWestchester took his channel down) videos of this elevator are known to exist today, and rumor now has it that has been modernized or replaced.

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