K8reshiram (Now: ElevReshiram743) is an elevator filmer from Japan. He is well known to be the only elevator filmer in Japan who ever film elevators in Australia.


He started uploading elevator videos since December 21, 2012. His first elevator video is a Mitsubishi elevator at a residence in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.[1]

He is also upload elevators in Australia[2] and Singapore[3] as well.


  • His name is came from Reshiram (a white legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White).
  • Like NingSama1vs100 and some elevator filmers from Japan, he is a big fan of Pokemon.
  • Like some elevator filmers in the world, he is an avid railfan as well.
  • His most viewed video is a video from Q1 Tower Gold Coast, Australia.[4]
  • He is the only elevator filmer from Japan who ever uploaded Skyscrapersim videos.[5]
  • He is also the only elevator filmer from Japan who has destination dispatch elevator video, which is rarely found in Japan. His first destination dispatch elevator video was filmed in Meriton Building, Brisbane, Australia.[6]

Notes and References

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