KSS-280 World Record is one of the small competition in YouTube elevator community.


KSS-280 fixtures is relatively new fixtures made by Finnish liftmaker KONE for both European and Asian market. It features some advanced fixtures such as large call button which improves accesibility. However, these fixtures are rarely used in most newer KONE MonoSpaces as compared with KDS series, so if an elevator filmer found it, the video become a pride of the elevator filmers itself, and sometimes got easily overfilmed.


The competition was start around August-September 2016, after Reza films the most-served KONE MonoSpace elevators with KSS-280 fixtures on August 27th, 2016 at one of the 4-star hotel in his hometown[1]. There are also other KONE MonoSpace with KSS-280 which serving more than 10 floors, but only travel 11 floors[2]. The elevator recorded by Reza is currently the tallest KSS-280, which serving 16 floors in total. As of today, no other KONE elevators with KSS-280 which serving taller to be found by another elevator filmer.

Notes and References