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LongIslandElevators is a elevator filmer who lives in New York, USA

About LIElevators


"LIElevators" profile picture

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LongIslandElevators opened his account on May 7, 2012 (as LIRRVids) He started off filming Long Island Rail Road then in September of 2012 he filmed his first elevator video of a Schindler 330A Elevator @ his local supermarket. He has met-up with 8 users airtranlover, elevatorsonly, ih8escalators, jaemre288, suejoshappy, tjs468, jimster586, and Brock's Sketchbook. He has plans to meet other users in the future.

Camera History

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation retired
  • Sony DSC-TX55 retired
  • Sony Handycam alternate
  • Sony Webbie HD out of service
  • Sony DSC-TX20 retired
  • Sony DSC-TX30 current


  • He also likes weather radios and Minecraft.

External Links

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