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Hong Kong

Lift Wong (also known as Ben Wong) is a Hong Kong elevator enthusiast. Other than being an lift enthusiast, he is also a Railway enthusiast[1]..


He began interested in filming elevators after he watched several elevator videos from Dieselducy and several other elevator enthusiasts on YouTube, which led to the opening of his YouTube channel on May 22, 2015. However, he started filming elevators in May 22, 2015[2].

He also owns another YouTube channel called "Fabbria Italiana Ascensori Montacarichi Lift the Company" which he use it to upload animated elevator videos. This channel, however, has no connection with an elevator company of the same name.

In June 8, 2017, He changed a new of intro picture for his video because to anniversary over 600th video on his channel. [3]


  • He is the lift filmer in Hong Kong who has the most number of destination dispatch lift videos (mostly Schindler Miconic 10) with Vincent561967.
  • He is also have the most numbers of the Industrial Building lifts filmed in Hong Kong[4].
  • He has filming lifts with Vincent561967 in 2016 and 2017 and also Heritage Elevators (when he came to Hong Kong in 2017).


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