lormarina (real name Stalin) is an elevator photographer from Wisconsin. He makes videos of elevators, car washes, public transit, hotel tours, food reviews, and more.

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David has always loved elevators since he was a child. He found out about the elevator community while he was watching some of Dieselducy's videos in November 2010. In the same year he filmed his first of four elevator videos. Then in August 2011, he came across TheElevatorChannel and watched his car wash videos but then he saw some of his elevator videos and decided that he wanted to start filming again as well as filmimg car wash videos. Later he opened his YouTube channel lormarina. He would mostly film elevators in Wisconsin and in Chicago, Illinois; but he has filmed other places as well.

History of the username

His username has to be one of the most bizarre names in the elevator community. The name lormarina came from the name of a stuffed penguin he got from a friend of his father. He ended up using the name lormarina as a username on a lot of children's chat sites at the age of 8, notably Club Penguin/Webkinz. He then created a YouTube channel using this name because he could not figure out a cool user name. He wanted it to be an interesting and original username so he decided to use the vintage user name lormarina.

Camera history

  • Flip Ultra
  • Flip Ultra HD
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad Mini
  • Sony Handycam HDR-CX240 (Current)


  • His first 5 videos where filmed a year before he opened his channel. He uploaded those videos a year later.
  • He loves Schindler elevators as stated in many of his videos.
  • He was inspired by TheElevatorChannel to make car wash videos.
  • His items were featured in one of Dieselducy's videos.
  • He has a second YouTube channel called TheDMhoffland that is dedicated to house none elevator related stuff.
  • He has a few elevator videos and car wash videos taken on a sony 8mm DCR-Handycam Video Camera that have never been uploaded. These videos where taken during the years of 2005, 2006, and 2007.

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