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MelvinMan10 channel avatar (April 2014 - present)

Filming elevators

Late 2010 - January 2011 (early days), June 2011 - Late 2016 (main active session)

Part of the Elevator Community

November 2010-present

Based in

Bangkok, Thailand



MelvinMan10, or known by his real name Kan, is an elevator filmer from Bangkok, Thailand.


The beginning

MelvinMan10 has liked elevators since he was 3 years. At sometime in 2010, he discovered Skyscraper Simulator from a link in Wikipedia. On October 30, 2010 he opened his YouTube account and started to upload some Skyscraper Simulator videos, as well as animated elevator videos later.

On November 7, 2010, he went to CentralPlaza Rama 3 with his parent to go shopping as usual, and he filmed two elevators there. However, some videos filmed in 2010 were privatized for personal reasons.

Later on, he started to watch elevator videos from escalatorgeek881, musicfreakcc and some other users. He has filmed a few elevators from January to June 2011 because he was not able to go out freely.


In June 2011, he revived his hobby again and continued filming elevators. At first, he used his Nokia X2 to film elevators, which can record videos only at 240p. From July 23, 2011, he used his Nokia C6 for filming elevators, which can record videos at 720p, although as first he has set the quality to 480p because his internet was very slow.

His Skyscraper Simulator and animated elevator videos were privatized at sometime in late 2011-early 2012 and were deleted later, as he wanted to focus more on elevator filming and wanted his elevator videos to get more views. He opened a new secondary channel for animated elevator and other videos on May 26, 2012, named MelvinM10Productions.

Shortage and continuation

During May to July 2013, he did not filmed any new elevators due to he was running out of places to go. In late 2013, due to political crisis in Bangkok, he had not filmed any new elevators, but he had filmed new elevators before the the situations in Bangkok were unsafe. At the end of 2013, he announced that he would travel farther in the city to find more elevators.[1].

He has come back to filming elevators again in March 2014, as well as launched a new titling system, "Random words![2] [Building name]", to be used in case of there are more than one bank of elevators in a building that serve the same floors, as well as for his older videos where he has filmed two elevators in one video, and some escalator and moving walk videos.

Becoming inactive

On January 29, 2016, he closed his secondary YouTube channel, MelvinM10Productions, due to the lack of interest at his elevator animations. He also closed his Facebook page on this date. However, he currently still active in the Skyscraper Simulator Forum.

In March 2016, he has come back to filming elevators again, but he will not be as active as before due to running out of easy-to-film places. Since December 2017, he is not active in elevator filming as much as before. He only films elevators if he is at a certain place and can film the elevators there safely.

Being cautious

Nowadays, MelvinMan10 is a very cautious person. He doesn't ride or film service or freight elevators without permission unless they're located in a public hallway, near or in the same bank with passenger elevators. He also never films elevators in buildings that are very strict on photography or exchanges his ID card to film elevators. He also never films elevators that are too busy and guided elevators as well.

Later, his cautiousness tends to be more extreme, as he has stopped filming any office building, hospital and newer hotel elevator now. One of the reasons why he never films them is because he is paranoid about getting questioned, and new hotels are usually locked out, unless there is a public facility on the top floor.

Devices used

  • Nokia X2 (2010 - July 2011)[3]
  • Nokia C6 (July 2011 - April 2013)[4]
  • Nokia Lumia 520 (July 2013 - October 2013)[5]
  • Nokia Lumia 625 (February 2014 - 2016)[6]
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 (March 2016 - Present)


  • He was the main elevator filmer in Bangkok until late 2015.
    • Although he is now the secondary elevator filmer in Bangkok, he is more famous in Skyscrapersim Forum and Western elevator community while NingSama is more famous in Asian elevator community and social network sites.
  • He uses only mobile phones to film elevators for security reasons.
  • His channel is currently the longest active elevator channel in Thailand, with nearly six years.
  • His channel is currently the third largest elevator channel in Thailand, with nearly 500 elevator videos.
  • He mostly uses public transportations to go to film elevators including buses, BTS, MRT and ARL trains.
  • He is the first elevator filmer in Thailand to film elevators overseas in 2011. However, he filmed only 2 elevators in Japan for some reasons.[7]
    • He is also the first Thai elevator filmer to film elevators at Yamanashi and Chiba prefecture in Japan.
  • He is the first elevator filmer in Bangkok to film elevators in 1080p.
  • Like Tamovie1975, NingSama and Khup Elevators and Offtopic, His first destination dispatch elevators was filmed in CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9, Bangkok, which were Schindler 7000 elevators with Miconic 10 system.[8]
  • He always spells the building name that has area or road name in it with the area/road's name instead of actual building name to prevent his confusion between area/road and building.[9]
  • His latest avatar (the Otis hall lantern) was taken at the third floor in Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok.
  • He is the first known elevator filmer in Thailand to film elevators in hotels and office buildings in Bangkok, although he cannot film elevators in office buildings more due to security reasons.
  • His older video titling is heavily based on Sumosoftinc's older elevator videos.
  • He is the fan of western elevator filmers, especially elevator filmers from United States.
  • He is currently the Thai elevator filmer who has the fewest elevator videos outside Thailand, with 2 videos.
  • His first name is a homophonic (in Thai) of the other filmer from Bangkok, Thailand. In this case, it is G T2KJS (Gahn)
  • He is the only main Thai elevator filmer who is unable to meetup with other elevator filmers for some reason.


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