ADDEs Transporting Adventures (Formely known as: RailCarADDE) is a Swedish YouTube channel running by Andreas Ulvebring, an elevator photographer from Stockholm, Sweden.


Andreas started filming elevators in 2010. In 2009, he opened his YouTube account called SummerADDE. In 2011, he moved his elevator videos to a new channel called RailCarADDE. He mainly films elevators around Scandinavia but he also filmed few elevators in some countries around the world. He also filmed with hissen12, Windeelv20 and PostTower among others. On December 2011, Kone invited him to visit their test center in Tytyri, Finland, along with hissen12 and Windeelv20.

ADDE, together with PostTower, ran a joint-venture project called ElevatorDB Wiki, an independent wiki project that are meant to cover everything about elevators around the world, something like a competitor against Elevator Wiki &, in it's own domain. It was initally started by PostTower and ATITANIC1992. It has however been closed down due to low inactivity and financial issues.

In August 2015, he being trained to be an elevator mechanic for elevator maintenance, Installation and modernization works. He completed his studies in june 2016.

Following [PostTower]s footsteps, Andreas begun to re-use his older channel SummerADDE (Later renamed to Andreas Ulvebring with the introduction of Google Plus) and uploaded varios failed apptempts to making video materials for his various projects, inćluding elevator photagraphy, and uploads them as bloopers!

Andreas will air on swedish television "Kanal 5" in an episode of "Outsiders" in spring 2017, as it will sho Andreas' affection of elevators and his huge collection of elevator parts!

Camera History

  • iPhone 3G with Qik Live recorder (2009 to 2010).
  • Panasonic LUMIX TZ20 (August 27, 2011 to June 19, 2013).
  • Canon EOS 650D (May 14, 2013 to June 2013 - Just a test).
  • Panasonic HC-V720 (June 19 2013 to present)
    • RØDE Stereo VideoMic Pro (August 2014 to present)


  • His channel is the second elevator channel in Sweden.
  • He is the only elevator filmer that ever filmed an elevator in Kenya.[1]
  • He also like transportation (Hence nowadays his channel called "RailCarADDE", and later on "ADDEs Transport Adventures").
  • He is the second elevator filmer reported by local major media (just before the Vincent561967 and after the DieselDucy).[2]
    • Despite being the second channel in Sweden, he is the most famous elevator photographer among local media in Sweden, while Hissen12 is more famous in the elevator community.
  • He is the only elevator photagrapher that is running a Patreon Crowdfunding site to fund his elevator photography.

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