Shihtzu Fan is an elevator enthusiast from Omaha, Nebraska. He is the first elevator enthusiast to film an elevator in Nebraska, but he never posted any content on YouTube until May of 2012.


Little is known about him. He started a YouTube channel under his real name (which will not be listed here). He has filmed the scenic elevator at Crossroads mall when Dillards was still open (see below for video). The Dillards closed in August of 2008 and the elevator was permanently taken out of service in June of 2009, so given that information, he dates back to the early days of elevator photography. He later started a channel under the name Jayjay Fan, named after "Jay Jay the Jet Plane." The channel was later terminated for unknown reasons. His current channel, Shihtzu Fan, was opened in April of 2014 and is still active. He regularly produces content for it today.


  • He is the first known elevator enthusiast from the state of Nebraska.
  • Elevators are not the primary focus on any of his channels. He films TV clips, movies and TV shows from the 90s, garage door openers, airplane flights, video game footage, videos of his pets (cats and dogs, one of which is a Shihtzu), and much more.
  • He is the only elevator enthusiast to film the glass elevator (a 1988 Dover Impulse) at the now dead Crossroads mall. The elevator was permanently decommissioned in June of 2009.
  • He is the only known elevator enthusiast with Down Syndrome.


In late January of 2015, Shihtzu Fan posted videos in which he used elevator keys on real elevators, and there was no known consent by a building owner permitting his doing so (e.g. "Yes, I have permission to do this"). Such activities ranged from accessing restricted floors, Fire service demos, and turning off fans and lights in elevators. Star City Elevators originally called him out on it, and Dieselducy and company pressured him to remove the videos and cease such activity. Fortunately, he has done just that.

Another notable criticism is that he doesn't know anything about elevators. While he get brands right, he mixes up fixture lines and drive systems regularly (e.g. Dover vector), spells brand names incorrectly, and contradicts himself when giving opinions on certain elevators.

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