The Sony Cybershot T Series cameras are the most commonly used Sony series of cameras in the elevator community. There are a lot of different T series models but the most common ones used in the Elevator community are the TX7, TX9,TX10,TX20, TX30, and the TX100V, though some other elevator filmers have also owned a different T-Series model (for instance Dieselducy owned a T1 and a T900 and Airtranlover owned a T900 and TX20).

List of T series cameras

  • T1
  • T2
  • T3
  • T5
  • T7
  • T9
  • T10
  • T11
  • T20
  • T30
  • T50
  • T70
  • T77
  • T90
  • T99
  • T100
  • T110
  • T200
  • T300
  • T500
  • T700
  • T900
  • TX1
  • TX5
  • TX7
  • TX9
  • TX10
  • TX20
  • TX30
  • TX55
  • TX66
  • TX100V
  • TX200V
  • TX300V
  • TF1

Common T Series models

Main article: List of the most common Sony T Series model and who uses each model

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