Supakard (now Supakarj Say Lift) is an elevator filmer from Bangkok, Thailand. He mainly film elevators in Thonburi and Siam area in Bangkok.


Supakard opened his YouTube channel on March 19, 2011. His first elevator videos are Mitsubishi traction elevator at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

On March 14, 2015, he deleted all of his videos which filmed before that day because his parent forced him to do. He uploaded elevator videos again in March 15, 2015.

He continued uploading videos and deleting videos again until May 2017, which his videos were all deleted and not reuploaded again.

Later in Mid 2017, he opened his new elevator channel Supakarj Say Lift and still uploading his new videos there.


  • He filmed more freight/service and bed elevators than any other elevator filmers in Thailand (except NingSama1vs100).
  • His YouTube channel had been the most view of elevator videos in Thailand, even surpassed MelvinMan10's views until he deleted all of his videos in March 14, 2015.
  • There is an another elevator filmer who lives in Thonburi area in Bangkok, NingSama1vs100.
  • He always talks in Thai in a lot of videos.
  • He has ever went to Hong Kong in May 2016 but for some reasons, he cannot film any elevators there.

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