TJElevatorfan is a 18 year old elevator photographer who loves everything about elevators. He also loves hotels, and with the help of his parents, has filmed over 1900 videos. While not all of his videos feature elevators or hotels, they are the central theme in the majority of them.


TJElevatorfan was born on February 8, 2000. His life started out with many health issues and difficulties. One health issue that he suffered is that he was diagnosed with a Ventricular Septal Heart Defect after he was born, which was a hole inside his heart that required open heart surgery to repair. This surgery was performed when he was 7 weeks old. In spite of these difficulties, he is determined to enjoy life and to pursue his interests, which includes riding and filming elevators.

While doing physical therapy around 2008 or 2009, TJ loved to ride the elevator. Riding the elevator was soon offered as a reward for doing good in therapy. Much like dieselducy, TJ's parents originally filmed elevators for him to watch later on DVD. He sells those DVDs on his website.

In November 2009, he started his YouTube account under the name "TJElevatorfan". Later in 2010, he met with dieselducy when he went back to Roanoke, and soon they became close friends and started filming elevators together.

In August 2013, the largest ever meetup of elevator filmers happened in Roanoke, Virginia including dieselducy, TheElevatorChannel, thewildeeper, TJelevator fan and parents, and photographers/reporters for the Roanoke Times. This meetup happened over dieselducy's birthday.

In media

TJElevatorfan's videos have attracted the attention of several local media venues, including the editor of the Mooresville Weekly and the Huntersville Herald along with the producer of the Charlotte Today show on WCNC 36. He also made an appearance in an elevator documentary "Elevated - An Uplifting Community" which was released in 2012 along with his friend and fellow elevator photographer DieselDucy[1].  In 2012, he was featured by Hampton Inn in one of the first Hamptonality Moments videos, produced by the production company iCrossing,  titled Elevated Hamptonality[2].


  • He is often referred as "The Elevator Boy".
  • TJ has Cerebal Palsy.
  • He was born the same date (but with different year) as NingSama1vs100 from Bangkok, Thailand and mrsunnyboy0208 from Hiroshima, Japan.
  • Usually he films elevators along with dieselducy and cannycart, but he also films with BCElevators, escalatorgeek881 and TheElevatorChannel

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