TheBigA, or known by his real name Andrei, is an elevator filmer from New Hampshire, United States.


TheBigA is known on YouTube for filming hundreds of parking garages but has also filmed plenty of elevators. He has visited over 250 parking garages across the US and hundreds of elevators. His channel took off when he got his drivers license and was able to visit buildings to film. He hasn't told anyone in his family about his YouTube channel. He started with garage videos but started filming the elevators in several of the garages. Now he goes out to film both often. He is also known to sneak into buildings and garages and film being kicked out, though he has never gotten into trouble with the police yet.

Cameras used

  • Iphone 4S (2014-2016)
  • Iphone 6S (2016-Present)


  • His channel started out as a Minecraft channel, but has switched to elevator and parking garage videos.
  • To date, he has visited 308 parking garages as of January 2017.
  • He filmed with LiElevators, Brocks Sketchbook, and O Town Elevators.
  • He has filmed across the US, but mostly near the Manchester-Boston area, Lafayette LA, and the Orlando area.

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