Troublekiller55 (Now: Tay TYLERIENMAM Station) is an elevator filmer, game caster, tech reviewer and transportation fan from Bangkok, Thailand.


Troublekiller55 opened his channel in August 2013. His first video is a funny video about man slapping his friend's head, which has the most views of his videos.

His first elevator video filmed is a ThyssenKrupp hydraulic elevator from Arizona, United States[1]. Later in 2016, he started to film some elevators in Thailand, including Chiangmai[2], Suratthani[3], Samut Prakarn[4] and Bangkok[5] elevators.


  • Not only elevator videos, he is also recorded gaming, trains, technology, GoAnimated movies and random videos.
  • He filmed elevators in many countries, including United States[1], Switzerland[6] and Taiwan[7].

Notes and References

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