upanddownadventures is an elevator photographer that lives in California.


Beginnings of his Elevator Interest

When he was younger, he remembers liking riding elevators, though he didn't know about how they worked back then. He remembers riding up and down on the scenic elevators at Hilton McLean in McLean, VA for about a few hours.

Discovery of Elevator Photography

Most likely in 2008, he searched something like "Elevator" on YouTube. He found a few random elevator videos not filmed by elevator enthusiasts. Then, he found an elevator video from an elevator enthusiast (possibly a video by musicfreakcc of a Dover Oildraulic elevator at Emory Hospital Parking Garage in Atlanta, GA). However, he was scared to film elevators because of security often not allowing photography in buildings.

Creation of YouTube Channel

He decided to start filming elevators in 2009. His YouTube channel was created on April 21, 2009. He first uploaded an elevator video on April 23, 2009.


  • He has met, and filmed elevators with YouTube users Traction151, Airtranlover, WestCoast Elevators, and Floridian Elevators.
  • His favorite elevators are vintage and antique elevators.
  • He has filmed elevators in 10 states in the United States. He has also filmed elevators in Ontario, Canada, and Quebec, Canada.
  • He currently films elevators with an iPhone 6.

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