Elevator in Kelantan doesn't have very much that Star Asia Elevator can find in his hometown. Here we go by district

Kota Bharu

Most elevators can be found in Kota Bharu.

1. Aeon Mall Kota Bharu

Located behind Tesco Kota Bharu. It has 8 elevators. With its beautiful Aeon Mall's exclusive elevator indicator. Otis elevator.

2. KB Mall

Located in Jalan Hamzah. More than 10 years mall have 5 stories building (originally 3 story). Now with Otis Gen2 elevator which makes more modern mall in town.

3. Billion Kota Bharu

Located along route 3/Ludang. Owned LG Elevator. But quite death trap a bit.

4. KBTC (Giant/Parkson)

The most unpopular shopping centre in Kelantan. Sigma elevator. Also have futsal.

5. Pelangi Mall/Condo

The mall is abanoned. While the shop lots outside the mall (same building) are open till 12am. Contains 18 elevators. But sadly only 4 elevators not work.

Pasir Puteh

Pasir Puteh is getaway to Tok Bali beaches. So far, only 1 elevator found by CKS Channel (now: Star Asia Elevator).

1. Tok Aman Bali beach resort, Tok Bali, Pasir Puteh

About 1km from Terengganu state border. The most high class beach resort compared to other beach resort in Kelantan. But this resort, have elevator compared to all beach resort in Kelantan which only have chalet. This resort is based like hotel (room one by one). Have KONE elevator. The elevator open to public (only Ground and first floor) and workers (all floors/G,1,2).

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