More and more elevator filmer are available today. How about you?

Well, are you the beginner to film an elevator? Let's get started!

Choose device

OK! Most of elevator filmer (mostly professional) film elevators in HD, Full HD and even Ultra HD.


Handycam and camcorder is a bit huge than any other video camera available nowadays. But not very much can afford to own it.

Camera or Digital Camera

It's lighter and smaller than camcorder. Mostly use by many elevator filmer out there. Mostly sell as low as RM299 ($75USD) till as high as RM4000 ($1000USD)++. Nowadays, some camera and Digital Camera are powered by android

Smartphone camera/Feature phone camera

The most cheapest option: mobile phone camera. Some people say the quality a bit sucks than any camera and camcorder out there. Mostly use by Asian elevator filmer.

Most latest smartphone have better camera quality than in 2012. Now, even front camera are now gone wild to Full HD.

Make YouTube account

Make YouTube account is very easy. Just use your gmail account. I know almost everyone who owns android use gmail accont.

Don't have gmail, can make one for free.

Upload first video

Upload your first elevator video to YouTube. After upload is complete, share your video to any social media site and see how many views, likes and subscribe in few days.


Congrats! You are the elevator filmer! Just start filming and get more views and likes!

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