Few days ago (around 5/3/2017 or before today date from this blog post on 9/3/2017), I have a few Muslim keeps complaining my YouTube channel logo which looks like an Israel 'Star' logo. But there is a difference between the Israel flag and my channel logo.

Flag of Israel-1-

This is the flag from Israel.


This is my channel logo.

On top, this is what Israel's country flag looks like while on the right is my current channel logo.


Some Muslim say to me that I need to change to newer logo and change the 'Star' logo to regular 'star' logo. And some say to me that my channel is anti-Muslim elevator channel. Not sure why they doesn't like my new channel logo since they saw me I'm scrolling my own Wikia page (Star Asia Elevator Wikia). Older channel logo seems OK to them while newer channel logo which NingSama did for me (a refresh look than what I draw it on my PC when I introduced an escalator video since October 2016).

Logo changing

I will change newer channel logo very soon because they are 4 to 5 complains in front of me about my new channel logo except Chinese, Thai and other people nearby, including other YouTubers who view my channel. Re-edit channel logo will be happened soon.

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